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South-central University for nationalities
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   The Painting specialty is divided into two sub-disciplines, namely Traditional Chinese Painting and Oil Painting. Upon founding of SFA in 2004, the Fine Arts specialty was set up according to national disciplinary standard. The Science of Art Design is granted permission to enroll in MA candidates.

This program aims at cultivating professional talents with innovative capacities in independent painting and artistic creation. Inheriting the historic and humanistic tradition of ethnic minority areas, and following the teaching guideline of inheriting and developing ethnic art, we encourage students to conduct painting and artistic creation with ethnic artistic concepts and ethnic materials. The program attaches importance to students innovative capacities and practical skills. With training in artistic molding, students would learn basic theories and skills in modern painting and artistic creation. Upon graduation, students would be employed by schools, cultural organizations, galleries, publishing houses, government institutions and enterprises to conduct work of creation, research, teaching and administration. They would promote education and academic research in ethnic art in these fields.

 This specialty boasts of a high-quality and energetic teaching faculty and administrative staff team which is well structured in age. Presently there are 10 teachers, including 5 professors and 3 associate professors, among whom 5 are MA tutors. In the past four years, teachers of the specialty have finished 25 scientific research projects, published 5 articles in journals authoritative in the field, 21 articles in core journals, 3 textbooks and 3 academic monographs. There are 46 works which are displayed on exhibitions at provincial, ministerial level or above. Over 30 domestic and overseas experts are invited to give academic lectures. Various professional exhibitions are organized for 52 times. Our students have been granted many awards in provincial or national exhibitions with their creative works.

The main courses of Traditional Chinese Painting and Oil Painting specialties include: Figure Drawing, Freehand-style Portrait, Fine Brushwork Painting, Oil Painting for Character, Anatomy, Oil Painting, Comprehensive Material, Professional Inspection, Color Drawing from Life, Professional Creation, etc.

The facilities meet the demand of professional teaching and training, which include natural light classroom, human body classroom, multi-media classrooms, professional labs and high-rank exhibition museum, etc. The funding is sufficient enough in specialty construction, teaching, teaching apparatus and equipments, books, etc., which would further guarantee favorable development of the specialty. 

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