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South-central University for nationalities
Fashion Design
Fashion Design
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The Fashion Design specialty includes two sub-disciplines, namely Clothing and Accessories Design, and Fashion Design and Performance. Presently there are 10 teachers, among whom there are 2 professors, 1 associate professors, 5 lecturers and 2 assistant teachers.

Clothing and Accessories Design

The Clothing and Accessories Design, combining science quality education and humanistic quality education together, aims at bringing up talents with theoretical knowledge in fashion design, innovative spirits and practical skills. With the guiding principle “solid foundation, wide range, high quality, strong capacity, and practical skills”, we try to cultivate talents who would meet the market demand in the society. The students would learn the development trend of fashion market, laying a solid foundation in their future work in clothing enterprises, scientific research institutions and other relevant organizations.

 Fashion Design and Performance

The Fashion Design and Performance aims at bringing up inter-disciplinary and practical talents in fashion design and management. With the study, students would master theories and technologies in design art and fashion science, so that they would independently design and manage fashion creation, fashion products and accessories. Upon graduation, students would find employment in clothing enterprises, fashion magazines, scientific research and teaching institutions as high-rank practical talents with innovative spirits and skills.

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