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South-central University for nationalities
Theoretical Studies
Theoretical Studies
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Presently we have 5 teachers, among whom 3 are associate professors and 2 are lecturers. 2 teachers have been conferred doctoral degree. Since the establishment of SFA, we undertake theoretical courses for all specialties in SFA. Theoretical knowledge about Chinese and foreign fine arts and ethnic fine arts are imparted to students, in the hope of developing their abilities in theoretical thinking. Present the courses offered include the following: History of Chinese Fine Arts, History of Foreign Fine Arts, Brief Introduction to Arts, Modern and Contemporary Art, Appreciation of Ethnic Minority Art, Visual Art Psychology, Chinese Painting, Brief History and Appreciation of Oil Painting, etc. The teachers have published over 10 academic papers in authoritative or core journals such as Fine Arts, Literature & Art Studies, Journal of the National Academy of art, Journal of Nanjing Arts Institute, Art Observation, Ethnic Art Studies, Hundred Schools in Art, etc. In addition they have published 2 academic monographs or textbooks and held several lectures.

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