Notice on Application of “No. 1 Student”Supportive Project at South-central University for Nationalities 快乐扑克走势图带连线
South-central University for nationalities
Notice on Application of “No. 1 Student”Supportive Project at South-central University for Nationalities
Notice on Application of “No. 1 Student”Supportive Project at South-central University for Nationalities
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I. Aim and Purpose of the Project

“No. 1 Students”Supportive Project is funded by Special Fund of No. 1 Students Subsidies at School of Fine Arts, South-central University for Nationalities. It aims at helping discovery and growth of talents in fine arts creation, supporting professional creation of outstanding students, cultivating prospective artists, and pushing forward the showing out of talents in artistic fields.

II. Prerequisites for Applicants

   Applicants are funded based on principles of open application, voluntary application, expert recommendation, choice of the best and regulated management. The assessment criteria is process-oriented covering both process and prospective achievements.

Applicants of the project include undergraduate students and graduate students majoring in Traditional Chinese painting, oil painting and public arts at School of Fine Arts. Applicants are required to hand in the application form and provide detailed creation plan. Each project lasts for two years, with each year as a supporting period. The fund for each supporting period is RMB 6,000.

III. Specific Application Information

   Application date: 11 June, 2018 to 24 June, 2018

   Application documents include the following:

1. Application form;

2. Creation plan;

3. Digital records of finished works (including name, size, raw materials and date of the work, tutoring teacher, etc.)


Way of handing in application documents: the digital application documents are to be named as name + application form in zipped files, and mailed to [email protected] The paper documents are to be handed at the school office.

  All projects to be funded are publicized at the school for seven days.

IV. Collection of Works

1. For each supporting period, students for each No. 1 Students project are to donate a piece of work to the school for collection, and they are to receive collection certificate thereafter. On the whole, students are to hand in 2 pieces of work for each project.

2. According to specific creation of students funded with the project, experts of the school would select some works other than the donated ones for collection. Additional rewards would be granted together with the collection certificates.

V. Financial Management

1. All funds are to be managed by SCUN Educational Development Fund, SCUN Office of Finance and School of Fine Arts. The funds are to be used for specific purpose, with no department or personnel allowed to used the funds for other purposes. In conducting the projects, the project leaders may use the funds with the mode of first pay and then submit invoices for reimbursement. All invoices submitted must officially printed genuine ones.

2. Methods of Submitting Invoices for Reimbursement

Project leaders may submit invoices for reimbursement twice, namely in the first and second supporting periods. They may submit invoices after the mid-term check and final check. Specific requirements are found in SCUN Reimbursement Policies and Regulation Rules for No.1 Students Supporting Projects .

3. Transference of Funds

Project leaders must provide bank accounts and bank of deposit to the school. Then the funds would be transferred by the Office of Finance to the specific bank accounts.

VI. Other Information

School of Fine Arts, SCUN and Assessment Committee for“No. 1 Students”Supportive Project have the right to explain the notice.

Consulting Tel: 67842199

School of Fine Arts, SCUN

June, 2018.

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